The genealogical archive is maintained on the computer program WinFamily, which has capacity to transform records of ancestors and relations into web-pages.

I am dependent on information supplied in many cases [see acknowledgments], and there are still many gaps in the data, in many cases there are no details of the most recent generations, for many, the most interesting as representing the living part of the family - the rest is ‘scraping gravestones’ as the late Mona Douglas had it.

All the living descendants of John and Mary Quine of Arderry stem from their two eldest children; Elizabeth Kelly, who emigrated to the U.S.A.; and John Quine, of Ballachrink. Most of John’s family stayed on the Island, with the exception of the Livingstone branch, and some of the Kinvig family. Elizabeth’s descendants are now very numerous, and are far from being all included in the record. In particular I have not yet included all of the grandchildren and very few of the more recent descendants of William Kelly of American Fork, Utah,, the most prolific branch of all. Although there is considerable data on the American relatives on the Family Search website, thanks to the efforts of Paula S. Anderson, this omits details of living individuals.

Any additions and corrections are warmly welcomed.