Tracing the genealogy of the Quine family of East Baldwin and their relatives was my introduction to the world of original documentary research, and fieldwork. Having researched them, on and off for almost 30 years, I have come to realise that I was fortunate to grow up in Baldwin, on the Isle of Man, on the lands where my ancestors bad lived and farmed for so many generations. It has been a privilege to kmow first hand the farm names, the field names, and to remember the old houses, cottages and crofts in the valleys - which once housed a large populace - even in the last days of their dereliction. area.

Many of these forebears held strong religious beliefs which enabled their thoughts and aspirations to range much wider than the acres they farmed. In their independence of thought they turned to the method of worship taught by Wesley. Most of the family held fast to Wesleyan ways, but one daughter of the Quines was to adhere to new beliefs taught by missionaries who came to the Island in the 1840ís. She travelled to the New World with her husband and children to join the other Latter Day Saints in their own city. Her children and numerous descendants spread out and helped to people the west of America. This is where most of the descendants of the Quines now live. Of the earliest individuals of our ancestral line we know little. Research has been frustrated by a lack of detailed documentation. Perhaps in future more can be added to what I record here. Some later descendants generated archives and writings which have mostly passed into my hands, and I have taken advantage of this rich legacy to flesh out their life histories as well as I can. There is nothing new in Manx men and women leaving the Island - few have left for religious reasons, most to work or study, marry and raise families.

Athis Island becomes ever more sophisticated and developed, there will be even more fluidity and mixing of populations and families. Perhaps in the future more of our kin will want to turn their gaze on their Maux roots and wonder - who were those Quines, and what of their lives out in the Baldwin hills?