10/01 John Murrey of Liverpool Dwelling house, out-houses, shop & backside Inherited under the terms of the will of his father David Murrey junior (d. 1702) 51
10/02 William Kelly, merchant House or cellar Inherited from his father Robert Kelly (d. 1681) 63
10/03 John Oates of Bibaloe, Onchan Part of a house Purchased from the children of Edward Christian c1703/5 20
10/04 Alice Christian & Isabel her sister Part of a house Probably inherited from (?) their father Edward Christian (d. after 1691) He acquired before 1679. Previously held by Alice Lewney alias Scott alias Christian (d. 1665) 44
10/05 John Oates of Bibaloe, Onchan and Mary Oates alias Cottier his wife Dwelling house, brew-house, out-house & backside Mary entitled to the property by inheritance from ‘Sir’ William Oates, vicar of Marown (d. 1677) 20
10/06 John Quayle, Margaret Quayle & Elizabeth Quayle of Ramsey as administrators of their half-brother Robert Murrey, mariner, of Ramsey A long cellar at the Cross*

*A shop, 1706

Assumed to have been purchased by Robert before 1679 or by his father Adam Murrey (d.1675). Previously held by John Curphey of Lezayre 55