These pages are intended as a resource for Baldwin residents, descendants of Baldwin families, and all those who share a love of this unspoilt corner of the Isle of Man.

I was fortunate to spend my first 25 years growing up in Baldwin, on the lands where my ancestors had lived and farmed for so many generations. It has been a privilege to know first hand the farm names, the field names, and to remember the old houses, cottages and crofts in the valleys - which once housed a large populace - even in the last days of their dereliction.

It has also been a priviledge to become acquainted with the descendants of many of the families who once wrested their living there, whether on the crofts on the steep valley sides,the larger farms lower down, or indeed following a trade in the village or elsewhere.

The site is presently under construction, but I hope to provide a selection of pages, starting with the history of the farms, families, landmarks and the roads and paths which make their way through the "Baldwins"