I should like to thank all those who have assisted in my research into Andreas records.

The transcription of the 1761 Liber Assedationis or rent roll has been uploaded to help anyone wishing to analyse or use the 1757 Index, a transcript of which is now available at

The expertise and personal knowledge of the late Ptofessor Donald S.Dugdale in relation to Andreas families and research was remarkable. His meticulous and comprehensive comparison of the 1757 Andreas Census with the 1761 Liber Assedationis has now been made available. THe following notes may assist those using the Census listing, pending the up-loading of a map plotting the location of parishioners' residences.




1. Ardonan, Regaby & Ballayockey (1 to 7)

The first part of the list starts at the southeast corner of the parish with Ardonan, and starts to work northwards, omitting the household at Regaby Vooar because Joney Kneale is entered among the widows, and John Kneale and his wife appear to be living on Ballavoddan.

2.Ballaseyr to Ballaslig (8 to 17)

There seems to be an un-explained jump in the sequence to Ballaseyr. The list than works its way to the Bride parish boundary, and the enumerator perforce has to retrace his steps. He re-commences south of the Andreas Road, but Lheakerrow IS missed. (No. 173?).

3.Ballaleaney to Ballayockey (18 to 21)

4.Ballayockey or Curragh e Funt to Ballachurry 22/23 to 24

It is still uncertain where these entries all were.

5.The Southwest of the Parish (25 to 43)

The sequence seems to be predictable except that the location of all the parcels at the Craig are unknown.

6.The Guilcagh to the Dhowin (44 to 148)

There is a jump between 43 and 44. This jump is a real one, and raises the question whether the list was compiled physically, or was laid out from someone's memory.

7.Keeiltustag to Ballakinnag (150 to 169 )

8.Ballavastyn &c (170 +)

Near the end of the married men listing there is again a short series of names which there is difficulty.

9.Rheast Mooar to Lea Kerrow (172 – 173)

This is another of the unexplained jumps. 174 could be in the Oatland area, Wm Skinner (175) could be south of Ballabeg.

10. The last entries seem ramdom.

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